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Posted: August 2, 2013 in General

Welcome to Investing1234.  This blog (for want of a better term) is a written account or a diary if you prefer, of my personal journey into Investing.  I want to share the things I have learned, the mistakes made, my thoughts and personal views,  the shares I have purchased and the personal reasons for the decisions I have made.

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I hope you enjoy reading about my journey.  About the mistakes, about the successes, and about the lessons I have learned.
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Years later….

Posted: January 16, 2016 in General

So finally more drama on the horizon with markets sliding downwards in the perfect storm of a stalling Chinese economy and a falling oil price (the latter obviously fuelled in part but not entirely by the former).

Whilst I’m aware that my portfolio will no doubt fluctuate to a similar extent that the wider market does. It should given the quality of most of the stocks within it, recover along with it down the line. However i can’t but help think that this latest turmoil presents another great buying or reshaping opportunity for my portfolio.

This poses me a dilemma over what to do. My choices so far as I can see are;

1. Sell out now crystallise profits and buy back in when things stabilise at a level close to where the consensus of a recovery appears likely. Theoretically if timed more or less correctly, I’ll be sitting on a larger holding for the same initial investment.

Clearly very risky due to criticality of the timing of exit and re-entry back into each stock holding. Wrong timing decision could exclude me from re-entry. However a tempting choice to attempt given the potential gains.

2. Hold current portfolio but increase holdings of the most promising stocks as the price falls. Seems sensible along with reviewing watchlist to see what’s become enticing.

3. Do nothing at all.

Not sure that the Bank of Englands (BOE) Mark Carney nor his flavour of forward guidance  has really helped us gauge when interest rates will start their path to normalisation. After setting clear criteria of what will preempt a rise, the BOE has had to hastily back track away, month after month, given that the criteria were met earlier than expected. And a rise wasn’t even close to being on the horizon. The forward guidance has been a bit pointless to say the least.

Instead guidance has been replaced with cautious forecasts for growth and the return to speculative guesswork (opinion) from media economists of when the first rate rises will come.

With savers interest rates falling away further in recent months, and accounts pulled. I would imagine that short of allowing inflation to erode away savings,  investors will definitely now need to contemplate other alternatives for the medium term, including stocks. The only certainty for the next few years is that savings accounts arent going to be an attractive proposition for the average saver for quite a number of years.

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Monitise close call…

Posted: November 5, 2014 in General, Monitise

My Monitise (MON:LN) shares have flagged alerts a few times lately, they’ve been on a downward slide and i’ve seriously toyed with actually following through and selling off.

Now as mentioned before selling off on share price performance alone, is something I’ve struggled with as an investor. It’s a hard habit to break. So yet again I have played chicken instead and moved my stop-loss out to a massive 20%. Another horrifc mistake probably.

However there’s a few reasons why im disinclined to get out to soon here, the biggest is that I have read about rumours regarding a takeover move, and that any such move won’t be cheap. And secondly the growth prospects are as sound as they were when I first made the decision to invest.  Arguably therefore riding the peaks and troughs is a sound decision, for now, presumably. Time will tell.

Author can be contacted: Investing1234@hotmail.co.uk

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