A double addition…

So after a long wait on the side-lines mostly due to personal reasons (paying for a new kitchen), rather than a lack of stockmarket opportunities, I finally made another couple of additions to my embryonic portfolio.

Adding another insurer; this time specialist insurer Beazley (BEZ:LN) and mobile banking platform providers Monitise (MONI:LN).

While Beazley are probably going to experience a period of stagnation in terms of share price; (see latest RNS for one of the reasons) I am relatively (almost confidently) hoping that along with Monitise both shares will deliver on their potential growth over the longer term. With memories of my earlier escapades (and paper losses) fresh in my mind, stop losses at approximately 15-20% have been set.

To the more experienced investor, I am probably seemingly putting rather a lot of the weight of my portfolio upon the Insurance sector, which probably isn’t the smartest of moves given the general wisdom that applies to eggs and shaky baskets.

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